Kopinggirjalan is a simple coffee shop using an old Bajaj that functionally modified so could be used to grind coffee beans and brew it to coffee lovers in the Klaten (Small City in Indonesia) area. As the name implies, Kopinggirjalan means “coffee on the side of the road” they only sell on the side of the road, do not use fixed and roofed buildings.

Kopinggirjalan was started around two years ago on October 18, 2018, two young men from Klaten namely Taufik and Icun started this business in Klaten Square more precisely in front of the Others Store. It starts from the same hobby that is Vespa lovers and coffee came to this idea to make a small shop with simple equipment on a small cart pulled by their Vespa.

Time goes by, Kopinggirjalan changed from initially using only carts pulled by Vespa, now using modified Bajaj like food trucks, so the inventory they brought also increase, considering that coffee lovers and customers are also increased, they move to a wider and more strategic place.

Create a business like that quite interesting for us which has limited money to invest in the beginning. However, businesses in the street-food industry has own ups and downs. Road life and illegal parking cannot be denied anymore. Even though they have many challenges, the investment calculation is quite attractive, with an average of 50-60 cups a day makes them quite happy. Aside from the not-so-large initial investment, operational costs are not as large as coffee shops that use permanent buildings. The potential market also much greater considering the potential customers will not be intimidated by high prices like cafes as used to be. It also can reach all groups, not limited to the upper classes or certain communities.

So far, Kopinggirjalan helped by Social Media as its marketing campaign channel, because it is recognized by Taufiq, Instagram has an important role in echoing its business, especially organic communication that can increase the number of its customers. Taufiq and Icun also acknowledge that the role of technology is also quite helpful in developing their business, for example when they take advantage of the Online Grab Food platform and the use of Ovo as a payment system, even the price is 20% higher but enough to add to the traffic orders they get on everyday basis.

According to the two, even though in a small city like Klaten, the coffee market is better educated than before, it means customers have begun to realize what true coffee is like. According to them, the community has started to move from instant coffee to grinded coffee, this is also marked by the emergence of several coffee shops that offer similar products in this city.

Now Kopinggirjalan is open 6 days a week except Mondays. You can have a cup of Kopinggirjalan’s coffee starting at 19:00 to 02.00, you can also contact them via Instagram via @kopinggirjalan_

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